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Here Are Details Of The Restoration Of My MG1600.

A view of the Rather dirty engine bay

Rear view showing MG 1600 livery

Although not much has taken place as the car requires a large amount of welding to the culinder style floor, i have done one or two small things to try and make a headway into this project. There are a number of things that i will need to do to get the car on the road, but first i will concentrate on getting the car ready for its mot. Once this is complete the car will require UK Registering and then i can finish of the more cosmetic problems with the car.

But really the car is very good condition saying that it has never been restored in the past. If you dont look any lower than the paint work there are only one or two spots of rust, a slightly faded passenger side wing and a few scratches here and there.

Thats it for now i hope to keep this page updated with all the ups and downs of restoreing this car back to its original condition.

Samples of the four languages that my MG 1600 Speaks:





Thanks goes to Simon Reeves for these!