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A Couple Of Pictures My The Rover 100.

My Rover 100 at the BL/BMC Rally 2004

My Rover 100 on a fine summers day

This is my Rover 100. I have owned this car since november 2003 and it has been a very good car with no major problems apart from braking down the day after i got it. I got this car after having a number of Rover Metros, I wanted something that looked a little different and the less harsh lines of the Rover 100 were ideal. Good thing about the whole thing is that it was still the beast i knew, as the rover 100 didnt under go any major design changes over the Metro.

I Have attended one or two events over the past few years in this car. Most memorable of which was when we met members of the Maestro and Montego Owners club on a campsite before the MGM Event of 2004. Rather than us sitting on our own at the camp site they kindly welcomed us under thier Gazebo for a few drinks and alot of laughs.

Over the years i have made one or two small modifications to the original spec of the car more for my enjoyment and comfort than anything else. First thing to be changed was the standard rover headunit. All of my music collection is on CDs and the standard rover item only plays tapes. Wasnt really difficult only took around 5 minutes to change. The other modification was the fitting of some Metro Gti Seats, the orginal drivers seat had a nasty habit of reclineing a couple of notches when going round corners. So these were changed to save me from needing new underware all the time. The other modification was the replacement of the standard Rover steel wheels from some alloys which are the same items fitted to the Rover 100 GSi/GTa.