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Stews MG/Rover Site

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This is my MG Maestro 1600, for more info click on the Restoreation page.

My Rover 100 Click The Rover 100 Link For More Info.

Hi and welcome to my site, on this site i intend to document the day to day running and restoration of my two cars.

Over the past 6 years i have owned and driven many different cars. My main interest for many years has been the Metro. I have owned no less than 5 Metros/Rover 100s rangeing from the bottom of the range Rover Metro Quest, to a top of the range Metro GTi. I have always wanted to own a X reg MG Metro. But more recently a new arrival has filled this gap. In january of 2005 i took ownership of the only Left Hand Drive MG Maestro 1600 Known in the UK. A little different to what im used to to say the least. Right enough of me going on about it enjoy the site!

Updates :

22 FEB 2005:

Website uploaded enjoy!
23 FEB 2005:

Updated MG Background and added some links.

05 March 2005

Added samples of the voice synthisiser to the MG 1600 restoration page.